This is Cambará do Sul.

Cambará do Sul, known as the Land of the Canyons and Honey Capital of Brazil, it´s a small town that embraces you by its simple and friendy lifestyle. The biggest landmarks in here are its rivers, waterfalls, gigantic rocks, the Atlantic Forest, the Araucarias trees and of course, the magnific canyons that made this little town famous nationally and internacionally.

Two of the biggest national parks are in this town, the Aparados da Serra National Park and the Serra Geral National Park. Both of them combined for an area around 30.630 ha. That´s more than 117 square miles!

These preservation areas are also home for several wild animals like the purple-chested parrot, the jaguatirica, the guaxinim and the leão-baio (puma).

There´s no doubt that this is one of the most amazing and breathtaking regions of the South America.