The Guesthouse

Pousada Cafundó / Cambará do Sul - RSPousada Cafundó / Cambará do Sul - RS

The Guesthouse
An unforgettable place

The Guesthouse is located in a place called Campos de Cima da Serra – at Northeast of Rio Grande do Sul – on the way to Fortaleza Canyon. We are 10Km away from Cambará do Sul downtown.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most amazing places in Brazil!

In this place, simplicity is a synonymous of beauty, once its main feature is the space aligned with the nature. It is a place to find yourself, to reenergize and to share experiences.

Because it is the entry of a National park called Serra Geral, there are many reasons to know the Inn: the microclimate generated by the canyons, unique landscapes, botanical species, animals, ecological factors of preservation, among others. The way life prevails makes it an unforgettable place!

“Cafundó is not far, far away, but it is close to heaven: a place to take off the veil, to be free and have fun. Cafundó is a place to venture, to be cozy and to breath. It is more than an inn. It is a place for you to dream.”

The suites
Confort: that is the word that define us.

All the accommodations are very comfortable. In the suites, there are queen size beds, heated and covered with cozy goose feather comforters. There is also a special set of sheets, exclusively designed for the Guesthouse.

In the bedrooms, there is a heating system. There are also doubled glazed windows, to keep the cold from the mountain away.

All units have a gorgeous panoramic view overlooking the lake.

Let yourself become charmed with the rustic design of the suites, with the beauty and the luxury found, for instance, in the hot tubs with chromotherapy for two people.

Pousada Cafundó / Cambará do Sul - RS

We are in the middle of a vast natural garden in Campos de Cima da Serra

There is a huge natural garden surrounding our Guesthouse, permeated with native forest, valleys, watterfalls, white stones and beautiful hills in a place called Campos de Cima da Terra.

Cafundó cares with preservation rules and, through out this ideology aligned with the weather, a beautiful garden with local species was built, inspired on the winding movements of the native hills. Enjoying the trails and the walkings is a nice plan to do in couples.

Pousada Cafundó / Cambará do Sul - RS